I’m Leah Libresco, a Catholic convert, major math geek, and someone who just figured out what nameservers are about 15 minutes before writing this block text.  In the spring of 2015, I’ll be releasing my first book (Arriving at Amen) with Ave Maria Press.

Arriving at Amen is a tour through Catholic prayer, but, since I didn’t grow up religious, I had to try to make sense of Catholicism with the tools I had at hand, so you’ll read about Confession through the lens of loss aversion and the sunk cost fallacy, the Communion of Saints via topology, and basic petitionary prayer though Shakespeare’s Twelfth Night.

Trust me, it all makes sense in context.

Or, at least, it makes for fruitful confusion, followed by consideration, followed by (hopefully) understanding.

Arriving at Amen isn’t apologetics — I’m not laying out an airtight case for why Catholicism, but I hope it’s an enjoyable way to learn a little about the aesthetics and the how of Catholic spirituality, whether you’re already Catholic and want to expand your prayer life, you’re interested in investigating Catholicism yourself, or you want some background for a conversation with a Catholic friend.

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In my day job, I do statistics analysis for schools, and by night, I blog about religion, philosophy, math, and other delightful (yet high stakes) fields at Unequally Yoked.

Previously, I’ve run research on banks, worked as a journalist, and taught “defensive driving for your brain” at a cognitive science-focused California start-up.